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No delays

No delays

Need a US address for package delivery?

Only $5 a package.

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Bluewater Ferry Rates

Foot Passengers (round trip)$3.00
Passengers Riding bicycles$2.00 each way
Trucks(per weight)
Motorcycles with trailer$5.00
RV's$7.00 & up

Ferry Services

Visit our Ferry services page to find out our current rates and schedule.

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International surcharges do not apply to ferries.

Ferry Schedule

The Ferry operates 7 days a week from 6:40am to 10:30pm.
Questions? Please call 892-3879 or 1-877-892-3879 for an
updated schedule.

Duty free available on US dock 1-877-289-2337

Border Crossing

For any immigration or customs issues please call (Canada) 519-892-3461 or (US) 810-765-5454.